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On Hold: 18 Nov 56 pages

Publication: 05.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "The devil inside "

*She had to pay the for the crime committed five years and nothing could change his mind*

Ruthless billionaire Asher Greywood is hellbent on making the life of his runaway fiancee a living hell when she comes back to the city she had abandoned five years ago and he had no limits

Nichole reinhart determined to get back the ancestral property of her foster parents from a stone cold billionaire who is willing to go to extreme lengths to hurt her for a betrayal she can't even remember

Does she even have amnesia or is she faking it?
Will she ever believe she could have done something like that five years ago?
Can the old flames of the past be rekindled in the present?
Stay tuned


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Shafeeda T
13.11.2020, 13:52:32

HI, this sounds interesting!

Perrie Abel
13.11.2020, 19:09:59

Shafeeda T, thanks love

Abriana Lastra
11.11.2020, 20:27:38

WELP! I definitely love me a revenge story. Don't get why Asher is running away from her but I am excited to find out! Please check out my story if you have time I'd love some feed back

Perrie Abel
11.11.2020, 20:33:01

Abriana Lastra , no problem love... Do follow back too. thanks so much

lady grump
11.11.2020, 20:25:58

Comment has been deleted

Shafeeda T
11.11.2020, 07:33:00

HI, I am also new to BookNet. Started reading your work. Damn, that's one helluva prologue! :)

Perrie Abel
11.11.2020, 08:01:20

Shafeeda T, thanks love. I just followed you. do follow back. ❤

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