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The Dragonskin Chronicles Book 2

Tony Spencer

Story about:dragons, elves, orcs

Age restriction: 18+

3 5

#22 in Epic fantasy
#18 in Action fantasy

Complete 228 pages

Publication: 23.04.2022 — 04.05.2022

Description of book "The Dragonskin Chronicles Book 2"

Lord Korwyn has discovered that not only was the Black Dragon, who started the Battle of Hawkshart which ended possibilities of peace, not a dragon but a Sorcerer, thus causing every last dragon to be slain, Korwyn’s uncle, seized the opportunity of Battle to murder the king and heirs of Man and claim the throne for himself.
Now Lord Korwyn and his bride, the Elf-Warrior Zyndyr are raising an army to March on the Kingdom of Man, seeking justice.

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Jennifer Zeigler
23.04.2022, 21:22:29

This story is very interesting and beautifully written. I am looking forward to read the upcoming chapters. Thanks dear author for this story

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