Book. "The Maid's Summer Prince" read online

The Maid's Summer Prince

Skye Mack

Story about:a young girl & a prince

Age restriction: 18+

5 21

#197 in Romantic suspense
#637 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 30 Aug 3 pages

Publication: 30.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Maid's Summer Prince"

Amelia Winston, a beautiful, young American girl, recently recruited as a maid in the Royal Palace, Greece.

Prince Xavier Alfredo Lysokia, next in the line of throne, is a very handsome, rich, intimidating man.

Amelia has a secret. She is not what she portrays. She is mysterious. The first fateful encounter of Xavier and Amelia has made Xavier curious in ways that no one has done before.

Xavier has his eyes set on this little enchanting creature. He suspected something is off about the new maid and he's adamant to find what.

Will Xavier ever be able to know Amelia's true identity and her secret?

Will they be able to fight for their love? Or will the circumstances will break them?


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juanita jenny
01.10.2022, 10:21:14

a great start. looking forward to read

Loveth Agbake
31.08.2022, 02:06:32

nice start

Skye Mack
31.08.2022, 13:41:44

Loveth Agbake, Thankyou