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The Marriage Demands

Beenish Shaheen

Story about:romance, doctor, pakistani

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 18.03.2021 — 26.03.2021

Description of book "The Marriage Demands"

Meet Zackriya Islam, Zac as he likes to be called, is a young man of twenty five years of age who converted to Islam two years prior. Now that he has settled down with a decent job, he wishes to enter the advanture of marriage. With an impeccable wanderlust for change and adventure, we contacts the nearest Islamic center to help him find a prospective bride suiting his newly found ideals.

But what happens when this young man has the misfortune of meeting Amber Zaid, a Pakistani Resident almost done with her MD. Amber is a stoic and strict woman almost five years his senior in age. And not only that, her personality is the polar opposite of his.

He is compromising while she is not.

He is yeilding while she is unyielding.

He is secure while she is insecure.

Amber and Zac


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Mini Shrivastava
20.11.2021, 08:18:25

waiting for ayesha story

Zuzu Zuzu
03.09.2021, 11:54:45

This is the best story of you, author. Better than ur mafia series where female leads has to do nothing but only using tongue

Shinning Pearl
05.06.2021, 13:08:26

is there any sequal of ayesha n ibtesham story???

Shinning Pearl
05.06.2021, 11:14:33

well i guess the most beautiful realistic story i have read so far .the emotions u potrait my my...loved every bit of it ...
zac the most amazing n gem person feels sorry for him n loved his faith
amber somewhat self centerd or selfish i guess a blend of good n bad ...but she fulfiled her emotional responsibilty towards everyone except zac bit disappointed in her but thats her charactr i guess ..
overall story was incredilble i rank it no 1 .it made me emotional n tearful

Lakhan Sav
31.05.2021, 20:04:32

ohh my god..this is beautiful book.... i really love it.... u r such a amazing writer... i wish I could read ur mafia indebted as well but those book are in sequel and the 2nd part is paid so I can't... btw I m very glad that u kept this book free and I got chance to read it... u know this book made my heart cry at the end was heartbreaking... I learned so much from ur book I mean to be patients and always be positive and trust in God and lrn to love...... thnk u so so so much..... and love ya....

Salima Ali-mohammed
03.04.2021, 19:54:45

beautiful book i love it

28.03.2021, 09:56:22

Wow! It was such an amazing story. So beautiful. Though the ending of heartbreaking, I loveddd it sooo much.

Beenish Shaheen
28.03.2021, 22:18:11

Bhavana, Thank you
Do read mafia indebted :)

Maz Ahmed
28.03.2021, 17:55:43

Beautiful ending! Brought tears to my heart!

Beenish Shaheen
28.03.2021, 22:17:53

Maz Ahmed, Thank you
Do check out mafia indebted

Chantel Abrahamse
26.03.2021, 17:45:37

I loved this story. Amazing

Maz Ahmed
25.03.2021, 22:16:14

OmG! She lost her adopted child Tooba! So sad, cant wait to hear her story!

Maz Ahmed
25.03.2021, 20:43:34

Wow! I wasnt expecting her to be a drug addict?

Maz Ahmed
24.03.2021, 20:06:53

I think she doesnt want a man in her life, just a baby..

Maz Ahmed
22.03.2021, 12:24:19

Refreshing to read, i wasnt expecting this kind of story. Keep up the great job. Well done authour!! I think Amber comes from a Mafia family?

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