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Publication: 16.10.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The Mask"

Isabelle Monti, was forced to find a way to help her friend Marina pay off its debt from the loan sharks that has been following her since day one.

The two decide to go to the city in hope that there will be someone who will help them in their problem. Luckily, they meet Liu Carlos Montefalco, who wears thick eyeglasses, has a blond hair while he says that he is a half Japanese. Liu decided to lend a hand to Isabelle, in exchange he demanded Isabelle to marry him and be his wife for a year.

Isabelle was left with no choice but to agree in order to help her friend Marina. But there are still secrets that surrounds Liu that Isabelle is yet to uncover. Will she able to unravel Liu's true self behind his mask? or will she end their agreement after knowing who he really was?


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