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The Noble Woman's lover

Uchechi Joana Chijike

Story about:billionaire, love at first sight, struggle

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#1412 in Billionaires
#4210 in Romance

On Hold: 17 May 73 pages

Publication: 11.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Noble Woman's lover"

Cindy Mark a beautiful billionaire woman and an architect ends up her relationship with her fiance Samson Ryan who was caught cheating on her with her childhood friend Martha. She falls in love with a poor handsome gardener who believes that life places him in a position unbefitting of his personality. Still struggling to find her place in Micheal's heart, she is caught in loves confusion when she's been proposed marriage by the new young president of her country. Now will she go for the president who is wealthy enough to care for her and make her even more famous or will she go for Michael who she doesn't even understand his feelings for her. The love struggle between the billionaire woman and the gardener is something worth reading.

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Dream of books
13.05.2021, 21:12:54

it is interesting

Uchechi Joana Chijike
14.05.2021, 03:33:05

Dream of books, thanks