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The Outlaw And Newcomer | Преступник и новичок

Mysterieux Boy

Story about:action, suspence, action romance

16 1235

#155 in Crime fiction
#118 in Science fiction

On Hold: 28 Dec 128 pages

Publication: 12.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Outlaw And Newcomer | Преступник и новичок"

The poison was an evil chemical weapon that can kill yourself.

A mafia underboss, Noah, meets a beautiful bewitching intermediary. In the wake of that encounter, he finds that an unidentified "poisonous drug" that can kill a person with just a few drops is sold in the black market.
The "poison" is so powerful that he almost dies. He tries to find the source, but soon after the seller dies a mysterious death. Eventually, it turned out to be a powerful chemical weapon that was being developed in the former Soviet Union. Who created it for what, and why is it distributed in the underworld? Make full use of the Mafia network and start trying to find out what it is.

Someone in the dark attacks them in the days of the underworld that flows lightly.
This is crime suspense where the villain chas


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