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A secret Amulet was found accidentally by people who have not even properly spoken to each other. Being rich and spoiled was their lifestyle while 'her' unspoken rule was discipline. When forced to be together and face challenges what will happen? Will they be able to tolerate each other or.......? The challenge of time is something which would have to be overcome by 'kids' and especially the challenge of the power who wishes to control that very time and wants it in his grasp by HOOK OR BY CROOK.

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Sufferings 30.12.2020, 16:56:19

Wow, never thought you will write. But congratulations you started it. I will support you throughout your journey. Love you.

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Sufferings 01.01.2021, 07:32:58

Sufferings, If you don't mind I also suggest you to change the cover page. I have sent some to your mail. Just check and if you like anything just chane.

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