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The Pregnant Virgin


Story about:innocence, twinsisters, love romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#489 in Romantic fantasy
#752 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 27 May 5 pages

Publication: 27.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Pregnant Virgin"

Claire Kendall and Clara Kendall are two identical twins. They are best friends and each other's companion. They are so identical that one can not tell them apart. They are beautiful and elegant twins – they are the envy of all. Their parents are both wealthy and they made sure their twin children lived comfortable. They made sure they gave them whatever they needed.

Though the twins were from wealthy a wealthy home, they were never proud and arrogant. They were nice and they were good too. The twins grew up and they were still inseparable.
They loved themselves so much that even as grown up adults, they were still very close. But something happened and the younger of the twins, Clara, got pregnant.?

In all her twenty-four years of life, she hasn't had sex with any man. How come then?

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Hemalatha periyasamy
30.05.2021, 05:04:20

Eagerly waiting for EPI