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Book. "The Rebel (plane 47)" read online

The Rebel (plane 47)

A story for everyone

Series: Life

Story about:crime, family, mafia

9 267

#10 in Crime fiction
#7 in Action thriller

Complete 26 pages

Publication: 24.11.2022 — 16.12.2022

Description of book "The Rebel (plane 47)"

Upon this world in the city of Washington D.C. a powerful Mafia crime family within their hands not only dances the city, but the entire world as well. However, while all hope seems lost in darkness the light of hope arises in the form of the prince. This boy shall now stand with society against his own flesh and blood in order to protect the lives of innocent people. The true question is that when the smoke clears in his defining moment will he choose justice to defeat his family or will he be a killer just like them?


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