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The Righteous Idol Worshipers

Clara Star

Story about:christianity, beliefs, true god

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Publication: 12.06.2021 — 12.06.2021

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Description of book "The Righteous Idol Worshipers "

hello everyone.
this is not really a story of romantic love, or fiction rather it is a call for the true worshippers of GOD.
A call to check our life once again, to know if we are doing the right thing or not. whether we like it or not this world will end one day and where would we be?
so I am sharing this, while we live our lives doing the things we love most, let's not forget about the GOD who gave us life and always put us first among other things.
it's time to put him first and let other things come second.

you might not like what I am saying but it's fine. we are all human, after all, the truth is not that easy to accept in this modern age.
but please do read and don't forget to leave a like and follow, and even comment if possible.
after these my novels continues. hahahah


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Mary Thornton
18.04.2022, 20:43:51

Thank you for sharing this powerful wake up message.

Yvonne Janhi
09.07.2021, 18:18:12

amen and amen...God first and the rest can follow.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall follow Matthew 6:33.
thank you for this wonderful reminder.God bless

Clara Star
09.07.2021, 23:17:26

Yvonne Janhi, and you too yvonne

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