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The Shadow


Story about:mentalhealth, bullying, pain of love

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 28 Mar 59 pages

Publication: 02.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Shadow"

Not a father's daughter. Not a sibling's sister. Not a lover's love. And may be even not a mother's offspring.
Every relationship played it heavy on her, so did fates. The last straw jabbed through her heart and threw her off the cliff. Now, who is to be blamed? Family? Friends? Love? Or The fates?

Camilla wanted to live but life was survival. She wanted a garden but life was battlefield. She carried a knife but it was a shoot out. She wanted hands to hold but it just pushed. She wanted happiness, but expectations just kill.

Dive deep into the mind and life of a vulnerable Camilla , where all roads lead to disappointment/dead ends. After the last straw, will she walk another road or right into the dead end? Read further to find out.


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Agrima Pant
02.01.2021, 09:43:22

Comment has been deleted

Syeda Gule Naqvi
21.11.2020, 13:15:48

I'm loving the story.. Kindly upload new chapter.

22.11.2020, 09:03:02

Syeda Gule Naqvi, Hey dear, I'll complete this story. Don't worry....I'm on break. But will complete it......thats for sure....
Do give a try to my other story also 'too late'. I'm sure I won't disappoint you.
And thank you, for liking my story.

Syeda Gule Naqvi
19.11.2020, 11:22:11

I have just started reading this story.. I'm really loving it.. But I read that you are not getting much response from audience.. I think its okay.. U should write it for us for those who are loving ur story.

Nitu Sarkar
07.09.2020, 11:33:47

hey Vidhi...the story is going good...all the best and take your time for the amazing work you are doing.

08.09.2020, 06:22:09

Nitu Sarkar, thank you dear☺

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