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The Sorcerer

Dot Writer

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adventure, magic, magical creatures


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Ongoing: 25 Jun 37 pages

Publication: 13.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "The Sorcerer"

Nero is a powerful sorcerer in one world and the other he just a teenager in high school. He friends with a cat name Scott .
Kyle isn't normal, she friends with a fairies and her brothers, are investing a case of the missing Star of the Fairy. Only to find her in a house with her captures.

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Dot Writer 09.12.2019, 05:34:52

The Sorcerer has been on hold for many reasons
One being that I honestly want to rewrite the story. Why? Well this was something I was working on this high school and haven't been retouched (why do I do this to myself) and my writing isn't the best but it has change since then. Honestly the beginning is shit and way too long to get the point of the story and I can't move the story along with what I have. If any have read 1/3 vampire you can tell the more care in development not in spelling or grammar wise (I know am working on it, sorry to any victims who were subjected to my horrible writing). Anyways I will rewrite the story, I don't know if I will post by parts or have it all posted on one day. Safe to say it not going to be soon it is the holiday season.
Thank you for taking you time to read this nasty writing, of mine.
Dot Writer

Celeste I. 23.09.2019, 23:09:40

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Celeste I. 25.09.2019, 21:26:57

Dot Writer, Okay, next time I comment, I'll read the whole story up to that point

Katie Von 18.09.2019, 12:28:41

strange grammar ... you need to work on it

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Dot Writer 23.09.2019, 16:16:06

Katie Von, I will be working on it.

Celeste I. 18.09.2019, 03:10:08

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Dot Writer 23.09.2019, 16:13:45

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Tiffany Kole 14.09.2019, 20:21:49

put a cover please

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Dot Writer 17.09.2019, 18:21:26

Tiffany Kole, no problem, I hope you like the cover.

Lucile Savino 13.09.2019, 21:13:04

my cat is also my best friend hahaha

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