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Publication: 16.02.2021 — 10.03.2021

Description of book "The Supernatural"

Waxahachie, Texas, 1970: a woman brutally murders her cheating husband, his mistress, and her two kids, before killing herself. Flash forward to the 1990s. A new family moves into the murder house.

Paula Harris is determined to start a new life with her family in Waxahachie. The realtor and neighbors warn Paula and her husband of the tragedy and rumored hauntings, but they write off the stories as small-town gossip and move in any way.

Weeks later, evil spirits torment them. It starts with voices, footsteps, shadows, and progresses to apparitions of the murder victims. During the day, the home sits quiet and peaceful, but at night the evil spirits possess one of Paula's children. The family is horrified when the evil spirits try to kill them. The matriarch of the spirit family transpor

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varsha mukesh
23.03.2021, 18:53:35

I love this story.. I really enjoy this story everything is described in beautiful way... make another one place

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien
24.03.2021, 04:58:47

varsha mukesh, Thank you!

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