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The Sweet Series: Sweetness

Hallie Schlauch

Story about:romance, friendship, friendship and romance

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Publication: 06.07.2020 — 21.02.2021

Description of book "The Sweet Series: Sweetness"

Multiple excerpts that tell a story of true love.
When a raccoon falls in love with a peach.
Because of him, I learned what it's like to be loved.


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Plume Alter
23.02.2021, 03:30:55

I read the whole book without pauses and I felt how much Racoon loved her Peach. I could totally relate because I could see the traits of my boyfriend through Peach haha. Every page pushed me to an emotional state and I felt overwhelmed. But, I was expecting that the narrator would state the reason why they broke up. I was left hanging and I kept on imagining what happened and why such a beautiful love story ended. But then I realized that the narrator was just trying to show us the good things that happened because even if such good things didn't last long, she treasures them and would always remember them. So, still justified! The whole thing was written well (with all the grammar and stuff, etc). Lastly, this work feels so personal and I love it. Hoping to read more stories from you. Good job!

Hallie Schlauch
23.02.2021, 05:29:18

Plume Alter, Thank you for your comment, it made me smile, and brought me joy that someone else felt the emotions I felt throughout the course of writing this book. The story of Raccoon and Peach was one that I had hoped brought hope and love to someone else's eyes. I wrote this story because it was real. There was a raccoon, me, and there was a peach, him. It did not last, however, the memories will stay forever in my heart. So, in short, it brings me joy that you found traits of your boyfriend through peach because a peach is not just a person, it's a symbol of that pure love, at least in my eyes. Thank you again for your comment and I hope to see more comments from you soon. :)

Gracie Ella leonard
12.07.2020, 15:12:35

nice story dear❤. please follow me back and like⭐ my new book titled the blessing in disguise. you can save it in your library to receive future updates, thanks❤

Hallie Schlauch
12.07.2020, 21:29:48

Gracie Ella leonard, Of course!

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