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Publication: 04.08.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The Tier Family"

Growing up is hard enough but it was three times more so for sixteen year old Tessa.

She started off shifting from foster home to foster home landing in "Mother's Home" before finally being adopted by the Tier's.

A bizarre family that just so happens to be secretive and modern with a knack for disappearing at all hours of the day and appearing out of thin air.

Weirdest of all are the noises that come out of their attic; the one forbidden part of the house that no one but the Tier's are allowed to venture into.

As Tessa aims to live a happy life with her new family, all their secrets start to unfold and Tessa is faced with great danger and two choices.

Staying or leaving.

If she stays, she'll become one of them.

If she leaves however... she can never return.


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