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#202 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 22 May 9 pages

Publication: 28.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Trap Called Love"

Thirty one year-old Cole Camden is an A class womanizer. If he was rich he would be classed as Forbes most eligible bachelor eight years in a row.
But as life would have it being rich was not in his cards and since boys in advertisement that make quarter a mill a year don't get Bachelor of the Year awards he will have to settle for Womanzier of the Decade.
When one woman broke his heart and one guy betrayed him, he swore off love forever. He made two vows that day. Never have a male bestfriend and never fall for the trap called love again. For eight years he's been going strong.
But when his bestfriend decided that one man in her life was not enough anymore, Cole risk losing the only woman he genuinely cared for.
Can Cole persuade Britain to be his one and only? And would he?


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