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The Tutor 2

Goodness Shadrach

Series: The Tutor

Story about:newlife, fashion, heartbreak

886 9622

#10 in Romance
#6 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 05 May 42 pages

Publication: 19.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Tutor 2"

"When I agreed to help you get Frank back, I never expected one thing. I never expected you to steal my heart."

"I want you back, Athena, please take me back. I love you."

Broken and forgotten by Frank, the only man she has love, Athena thought life has ended and there was no reason in hoping anymore, but she never expected to meet Sean Brand that night in the bar, neither did she expect that he would go all out to make her better just so she would have Frank back.

Now she has changed and Frank wants her back like she has always wanted, but what is this feeling? Why does she feel like she is in a bigger mess than before?

On one side is the man she has loved for a long time, on the other is the one that makes her heart beat and her body trembles at his presence.
Who would she choose?


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