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The Tyrant's Tackler

The Night Fury

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On Hold: 19 Oct 35 pages

Publication: 06.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Tyrant's Tackler"

She was a spirit that wanted to fly high with no restrictions and he was a tyrant who only knew how to conquer. If he is set on a thing, no matter what he makes sure he gets it. So what happens when our carefree Jacqueline is forced into a contract marriage with the ruthless, cold and calculative Benjamin? What if he threatenes her using her father's depths as a reason to make her agree being his wife for the sake of his family and to escape the predicament called marriage? What happens when along the process of their marriage and his time living with her, makes him want to possess her while she wants nothing but to end the contract and start living her life like a free bird? Will he come to understand love or will she give up her freedom for the guy knows nothing but to order her?
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