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Description of book "The Vow"

A newlywed couple had been on a trip for their honeymoon when things went downcast, causing havoc and an accident occurred. Because of that accident, it caused the wife, Stella Anderson, to lose her memory of her husband. After the accident, Victor Anderson, makes a promise to himself to help the love of his life remember the love they possessed and the vow she promised him. Helping her remember wasn't easy, for she was stubborn and defied his rules to keep her safe from the protruding stares of men. What happens when Stella ends up in a situation between a complete stranger and her husband? Can he get her to remember him before its too late, or will she move on from the marriage and marry someone else?

Read to find out...

The Vow by Taylin J.
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22.07.2021, 05:00:55

Can't wait to read more.

Novels By Taylin
22.07.2021, 04:08:41

Jolyne, Ecstatic to hear that, dear:) The story will continue on once my other story has been completed ❤️

22.07.2021, 04:59:19

Oh... my heart break

Novels By Taylin
22.07.2021, 04:07:57

Jolyne, :)

Valerie Sax
22.07.2021, 04:34:27

Congratulations dear on your new book ❤️❤️

Novels By Taylin
22.07.2021, 04:07:46

Valerie Sax, Thanks so much, love:) ❤️❤️

22.07.2021, 05:00:04

Comment has been deleted

Hillary Luckasi
22.07.2021, 03:28:07

Nice prologue ❤️

Novels By Taylin
22.07.2021, 00:29:34

Hillary Luckasi, Thanks so much, dear:) ❤️

Reyna Rayaska
22.07.2021, 03:26:57

Interesting, can’t wait to read more:)

Novels By Taylin
22.07.2021, 00:29:23

Reyna Rayaska, So glad you find it interesting. The story will start after my other story — IN LOVE WITH THE ENEMY — ends:) ❤️

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