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Book. "Three Hearts 2" read online

Three Hearts 2

Ashley Johnson

Series: A Saga Of Love

Story about:billionaire, ex, rekindledlove

Age restriction: 18+

212 3348

#461 in Romance
#74 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 03 Jan 41 pages

Publication: 15.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Three Hearts 2"

"I don't love you anymore." She spoke glaring at him but he didn't care. He pinned her holding both her wrists above her head. She whimpered. "You do love me and I will be worthy of you this time. I will redeem our love and we will be one again." She didn't believe him and laughed. Her trust and faith in him had crushed to bits and now he meant nothing to her but her heart was saying something else which he knew. Can their love be redeemed and saved. ( BOOK TWO of THREE HEARTS). BOOK ONE is a must read.


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Debra Balloo John
19.01.2023, 23:23:30

I love this book great job author

Ashley Johnson
13.01.2023, 14:00:28

Comment has been deleted

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
04.01.2023, 11:51:05

ps try and update often,
I'm missing the story.. thanks God bless u

Shobha Sharma
03.01.2023, 18:35:48

please start publishing new chapter please it's a humble request

Scribbly girl (June)
21.12.2022, 12:00:41

he asked for an apology n she just accepted that easily (・o・)

Ashley Johnson
21.12.2022, 11:53:12

Janvi(June), She's hopelessly in love with him and when he deeply apologized and asked for a chance, she couldn't say no as she had felt lonely these eight months missing him so much but their reunion will be tested soon.

Creative Season
19.12.2022, 15:03:30

I love Charles.... will the old characters appear again?

Ashley Johnson
19.12.2022, 16:40:50

Creative Season, Not yet dear. I will soon in 2023

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
03.12.2022, 09:06:33

thank u
pls update more

Creative Season
03.12.2022, 06:28:01

I was waiting for them, thank you for updating

Rena Gibson
02.12.2022, 19:09:18

This book is amazing .. love where the story is heading .. can’t wait for her to fall for the right guy ? great work author ! Really enjoy this one ☝️

Creative Season
22.11.2022, 10:28:08

hey, welcome back here... I was waiting for this story, now I'm excited that finally two of them have met

18.11.2022, 18:07:12

Hii writer... I must say u r a great writer. I have read your all stories and they all are amazing.

Creative Season
24.10.2022, 17:15:08

are you stopping this book for now?

Ashley Johnson
24.10.2022, 20:02:45

Creative Season, I would really appreciate it if you check out my new ongoing book HIS BROKEN FLOWER. Trust me dear.

Arpita Ray
20.10.2022, 05:38:43

o i really like your all books.. eagerly waiting for new updates.. thanks dear for your hard work.

Edobor Abieyuwa
19.10.2022, 21:36:19

I hope you see my comments king queen, God will bless you for giving us free novel to free,And I can boldly say you are a great Writer,I Love you so much,Never Give up and always take what you do seriously, I'm so into this novel just please for my sake update daily,I'm so Anxious,Love you from Nigeria

Ashley Johnson
20.10.2022, 00:17:12

Edobor Abieyuwa, Thanks a bunch dear. Your comment really made me happy.

19.10.2022, 09:44:15

amazingly written, keep updating asap plz

Creative Season
18.10.2022, 16:41:43

I guess in that celebration both of them will meet

Loveth Agbake
15.10.2022, 09:29:20

nice start

Ashley Johnson
15.10.2022, 17:38:47

Loveth Agbake, Thank you dear

Creative Season
15.10.2022, 02:46:56

oh ho.... Great starting

Ashley Johnson
15.10.2022, 03:08:26

Creative Season, thanks.

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