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Ongoing: 17 Sep 38 pages

Publication: 21.08.2021 — ...

Description of book "Till We Die"

A story, that revolves around two people and how different love can be for each of them.
Love can be complex and it can be simple.
Is love limited to only one form? She knew that she loved her parents and her best friend but did she know there was another kind that compelled you to do things that you wouldn’t even have dreamed of doing?
He smiled ruefully. He wanted to tell her that she was the only kind of love he knew, the only sunshine in his otherwise dark world. He wanted to hold her hand one last time but she had already left, leaving him alone as his world came crumbling down.
He had looked for her everywhere but she had disappeared just as suddenly as she had appeared in his life. Had he lost her for good or would luck smile upon him one more time?


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Amrita Koul
15.09.2021, 13:17:49


Isabella Hassan
15.09.2021, 15:35:18

Amrita Koul, Thank you!

Sana Khan
28.08.2021, 07:27:28

Nice book . I like it soo much . Plz update more and fast .i liked story plot •^•

Isabella Hassan
30.08.2021, 14:13:33

Sana Khan, Thank you so much for your love and kind words. I will update within a day Inshaa Allah.

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