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To Live for Love

Kai Tiongson

Story about:fantasy paranormal romance, werewolf in love with a human

Age restriction: 18+

19 170

#293 in Paranormal Romance
#450 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 01 May 115 pages

Publication: 13.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "To Live for Love"

Would you still fight for love if you both know you weren't destined for each other all along?

Is it worth the risk?

Those are the questions that Luna kept asking herself as her life suddenly change when she met Allistair, a werewolf. They had all the reasons to not want each other, but love has a funny way of bringing them together. Would they be able to succeed the challenges up ahead? Or will they let destiny dictate their decision?


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Lili Stan
25.04.2021, 23:45:46

Cain looks so good! Love his personality tooooo aahhhhh!

Kai Tiongson
25.04.2021, 23:50:39

Lili Stan, aw thank you :) I hope u continue to support my work hehe

Kai Tiongson
24.04.2021, 14:35:15

Comment has been deleted

Dorothy Jones
14.04.2021, 21:37:05

Comment has been deleted

Kannon Maddust
14.04.2021, 09:29:56

This is interesting...

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