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To Me You're Perfect!

Kajal Sunar

Series: Billionaire SONI Sibling series

Story about:office romance, billionaire, newadult

Age restriction: 18+

999 36791

#113 in Romantic suspense
#361 in Billionaires

Complete 128 pages

Publication: 20.08.2020 — 13.02.2021

Description of book "To Me You're Perfect!"

Vedhika a free spirit, but running from her past. Rihan is a billionaire and introvert guy who's only goal is to be a successful businessman as his father. Vedhika and Rihan crossing their path somehow destiny brings them together and their life is filled with a bucket of love. But is their life lucky enough to keep them forever together?


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happy for you guys

what???? don't die panda

Kajal Sunar
21.05.2021, 10:47:00

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, I am happy you are enjoying their journey. Thanks for your read and comments...! :)

girl??? what is this?

I got you there

I can feel your pain

was that a good decision girl?


hmmmm? so

why don't you talk about your family and let it go


really getting serious

what's wrong with you,


yeah, good sister

wow!!!!! like that

Syeda Noorah
27.04.2021, 11:49:06

Amazing story...

Kajal Sunar
27.04.2021, 20:30:03

Syeda Noorah, Thank you so much, dear :-)

Arshita Navin
22.04.2021, 23:34:16

Hey i really like the story and ofcourse the end was great...!! :)

Kajal Sunar
23.04.2021, 06:56:28

Arshita Navin, Hello, thank you so much dear Arshita. I am happy that my story entertained you to it's best :-)

Akriti Scribbler
17.02.2021, 17:47:40

Hey dear.... It was lovely reading your work. I really appreciate it and I know how much it mean being an author. You can check my stories too.....

Akriti Scribbler
18.02.2021, 03:21:32

Kajal Sunar, Enjoy honey!

kinnari patel
29.01.2021, 04:41:55

It's a really Very nice story.I loved it

Kajal Sunar
29.01.2021, 04:43:03

kinnari patel, Thank you so much. ❤❤

Devendra Sunar
15.01.2021, 10:54:56

Veshika is cute. ❤️

Kajal Sunar
15.01.2021, 11:16:53

Devendra Sunar, Thank you❤

Reeya Sunar
14.01.2021, 10:06:17

Such a sweet love story i am in love with panda and Rihan ;) well done author ❤

Kajal Sunar
14.01.2021, 14:35:59

Reeya Sunar, Thank you so much for reading

Soni Sneha
14.01.2021, 10:21:10

Wooow! i am fond of Rihan, damn Vedhika is so lucky. i love both of them.i will this book for sure.

Kajal Sunar
14.01.2021, 14:35:20

Soni Sneha, Thanks a lot, dear ❤

ezzah danish
17.10.2020, 16:38:08

you are amazing!

Kajal Sunar
18.10.2020, 09:24:10

ezzah danish, thank you

Maya Maya
09.10.2020, 21:37:04

ohh such a wonderful story dear kajal. u are just a perfect

Kajal Sunar
10.10.2020, 08:38:25

Maya Maya, thank you so much ❤

17.09.2020, 20:48:45

The story at its best.. I loved reading it.. I thought it will go ahead saying 2 years later they have 2 little babies..

Kajal Sunar
18.09.2020, 07:09:12

Neha Salokhe, Thank you so much for reading, and I am happy that you loved it. sure if I'll have time, I will like to write few bonus chapter's on Rihan & Vedhika's journey as an official couple. Also do read my next novel that's a spin off. focus on Aarav's story:- BE MY MAN!

thanks again

Neha Garg
06.09.2020, 12:53:01

so cool

Kajal Sunar
06.09.2020, 13:58:00

Neha Garg, Thank you Neha :)

Himanshi Lakhwani
30.08.2020, 09:48:32

such a great story. I love the end.
waiting for next story....keep it up!

Kajal Sunar
31.08.2020, 18:35:42

Himanshi Lakhwani, Thank you so much dear.

Chanchal P
31.08.2020, 16:48:07

Nice story kajal. Keep writing.

Kajal Sunar
31.08.2020, 18:33:56

Chanchal P, Thank you.

Alex admin
23.08.2020, 18:20:26

Comment has been deleted

Gracie Ella leonard
20.08.2020, 09:15:41

i love your story dear❤❤. please follow me back and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or save it in your library for updates, thanks❤❤

Kajal Sunar
20.08.2020, 11:37:43

Gracie Ella leonard, Hi Gracie, I am glad you liked my story so thank you. I will surely read your book as I already added it to my library. Happy Reading...:-)

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