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Description of book "To The Beautiful Heart"

Life isn't a bed of roses neither is it a bed of thorns. Life is not all about beauty and yet life is beautiful. I might not be the most beautiful, I might not be loved by many but I have what makes me different. It's called a golden heart. It's a beautiful heart. My Name is Alicia Kings. I grew up in Detroit. I spent all my 17 years there, only to find out I'm a Korean. Now, I have to leave the place I grew up to the place I belong. What happens when you get an urgent letter from people you're getting to know. When you had to leave the family you grow up with. What happens when your life became entangled with a Korean idol. When you need to impersonate a twin you do not know. What happens when it's you against the world, and your beauty can not save you. Only your beautiful heart


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Beautiful princess
06.06.2021, 07:44:11

Cant wait for the nextt!!!

Beautiful princess
05.06.2021, 04:48:12

Awesome i love itt .. ❤ even the description is awesome tooo!!! Keep updating author .. really cant wait!! I hope this story is free too..!

Beautiful princess
05.06.2021, 04:21:37

Debbierise, Thanks a lott !! i swear i love your stories very muchhh❤❤

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