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Treasures of the Illusive Islands. Map and Compass

Natalie Nayan

Story about:pirates, magical world, characters

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Publication: 29.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Treasures of the Illusive Islands. Map and Compass"

Pirate captain Yarosh Falcon gets a map that could lead him to the treasure of the Illusive Islands. But the map is enchanted: the drawing will appear on it only when he gathers a new team.
In this world there are fairies, dragons, cruel enemies and brave friends. The Sea lives and talks to people, and the star can be taken down from the sky. Many adventures await the ship's crew with black sails before friends learn the secret of the Illusive Islands treasures.
This novel is not for fun. It is for those readers who like to solve riddles, bright characters and complex psychology.
The original of the novel in Ukrainian. Illustrations by Alla Markovska.

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Кристина Володарская 31.10.2020, 13:23:42

Wow! Pirates!!! :))

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Эллин Крыж 31.10.2020, 13:28:54

Кристина Володарская, +++ :))

Ан. Орагиф 31.10.2020, 13:16:11

I fond of books about sea adventures. Success to the author!

Эллин Крыж 30.10.2020, 11:44:26

Very interesting start! :)

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