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True Love From Another world


Story about:devils, angels and demons, romance

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#573 in Paranormal Romance
#714 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 07 Apr 3 pages

Publication: 07.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "True Love From Another world"

This is a story of a girl and a guy that found each other from different worlds.

The couple dreams of being together but both worlds do not permit them to be with each other because the love the share is forbidden and the union would destroy both worlds. That has been told since ancient times. Continue reading on to find out how these two found the way through the darkness and reached for the light.

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Tina Nna
31.05.2020, 12:22:37

pls update its been long

Tina Nna
21.06.2020, 20:13:17

KWishart, ok waiting

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