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True Love Hurts

Sashly Levis

Story about:cheating husband, marriage problems, full of pride

Age restriction: 18+

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#521 in Romantic suspense
#176 in Inspiration romance

Complete 116 pages

Publication: 16.04.2021 — 14.11.2021

Description of book "True Love Hurts"

In this story there's this guy by the name of Joshua Rose, he has a wife by the name of Sandra Millen Rose. They have been married for 10 years and they have twins together.

One day Sandra goes away for a week to take some alone time by herself because her work and home were too stressful. When she comes home unexpectedly one late night when her son and daughter were in bed. She wanted to surprise her husband and try something spicy to change her husband' mind from not been sexual with her. But to her surprise she catches her husband in bed with her neighbor Catherine having sex. Sandra took pictures of both of them and burned them in a CD and ruined the entire house.

Sandra then moves out with a broken heart with her kids into a different neighbourhood. Where no one could find them.


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Ruth Dionisio
14.11.2021, 12:58:39

just hurts...feeling the pain as well

Andrene Levis
29.10.2021, 20:51:10

I'm falling inlove with your main character Sandra.... Keep it up!!! You've got this!!!

Sashly Levis
16.10.2021, 01:03:13

Please follow my account if you like my book..

Crystal Delgado
26.04.2021, 22:54:05

ohhhh yesss get him sandra lol

Sashly Levis
26.04.2021, 23:58:08

Crystal Delgado, Lol, damm right

Crystal Delgado
25.04.2021, 22:30:27

oh come on more more lol

Sashly Levis
26.04.2021, 23:57:44

Crystal Delgado, Smile fair enough

Crystal Delgado
25.04.2021, 18:54:04

ohhh dammmmmmm cliffhanger lol anyways thank you for the updates

Sashly Levis
25.04.2021, 19:05:00

Crystal Delgado, Lol your welcome hun

Crystal Delgado
22.04.2021, 04:07:19

love this story can't wait to find out what happens next joshua is a piece of shit sandra needs a real man sucks a whole family gets dragged into all this thank you author for the update I will continue reading your story

Sashly Levis
23.04.2021, 01:29:32

Crystal Delgado, I have 22 chapters for the book actually, I'll upload more than 5 chapters today so you can read some more...

Sashly Levis
16.04.2021, 05:57:23

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