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Twisted Love inspired by lyrics of Taylor Swift

Lola Quentoxera

Story about:fangirling is not easy, dark and twisted, inspirational lyrics

Age restriction: 18+

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#496 in Romantic suspense
#409 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 34 pages

Publication: 04.05.2021 — 08.05.2021

Description of book "Twisted Love inspired by lyrics of Taylor Swift"

These are collection of stories inspired by Taylor Swift's genius lyrics. Stories are dark, twisted, but undeniably all about love, sex, and romance. This is in no way or form of dishonoring Ms. Swift, in fact this is my way of celebrating who she is not just as one of the greatest lyricists there is but as an empowered and influential woman.



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jyothsna raji
11.05.2021, 05:44:17

hii lola....hmm 1st story is OK....2nd &3rd omggg...I thought jake is the beast who tortures kitty turns out he is delivering babyb.and George &Allan both r not 2 but 1 person...liked ur storiesss lola

Lola Quentoxera
11.05.2021, 08:10:26

jyothsna raji, Thanks, it's kinda twisted right? Sorry about this haha - Glad you liked it, i have three more to add which i think you might like as well - Champagne problem, White Horse and no body no crime - coming soon, just for you!

06.05.2021, 22:53:37

Wow. This book is based on Taylor swift song lyrics. Hi. Love your book❤❤.I'm new in this website would love to grow some audience plus support my fellow Authors. Let's Follow each other. TIA . I already add it to my reading list???

07.05.2021, 09:36:58

Lola Quentoxera, DONE following. let's support each other :)
looking forward to the twist and turns

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