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Under The Prince Of Lust's Wiles

J.M. Felic

Story about:demon, steamy, archangel

Age restriction: 18+

383 9256

#23 in Romantic mystery
#15 in Erotic Supernatural

Complete 295 pages

Publication: 09.10.2020 — 21.11.2020

Description of book "Under The Prince Of Lust's Wiles"

It had been a long time since I last visited my Aunt's house in Luxembourg. I couldn't help it. I was too engrossed with my volunteer work in a recently earthquake-devastated country.

When finally I decided to visit her, all thoughts of relaxation and freedom flew out of the window. I never thought that my daily stay in her mansion would turn out to be something more...more than unbearable, and it all stemmed to a certain man - the head butler - specifically too attentive of me and by that, I meant sleepless nights, moans and groans and a promise of an unconditional love.

Being personally served by someone sure spells heaven, but not when the person actually serving me was the Demon Prince of Lust himself.


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Rupsa Roy
22.11.2020, 12:33:39

Wow...loved it!

Musa Kampamba
07.11.2020, 15:50:31

I want her to be with erol and not lorde

Musa Kampamba
21.10.2020, 13:28:00

Am in tearsb

Musa Kampamba
16.10.2020, 00:31:25

Just hope his nearby and will save her

Musa Kampamba
13.10.2020, 14:22:04

Amazing its simply wow

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