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Ongoing: 25 May 49 pages

Publication: 24.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Unexpected secret love affair"

The universe is trying to connect them but they aren't going to relate to each other finally they meet at their sis-bro marriage unexpectedly she fetches feelings for him and he wasn't interested in love even he has past in his life so that's he changed mind not to love anyone... he flirts with all the girls even though she admits his feeling for him... but there all mystery about him that gonna make her life miserable!!!
"Aryan what do I do that makes you fall in love with me," she asked by standing up
"Ahh," he said with a shocking expression
"Come on tell me, what should I do to get close with you, should I need to laugh at your hysterical joke or need to put on makeup or need to change my dressing style," she asked
"Tell me what should I do?" She asked him by clutching
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24.05.2022, 23:06:02

Author ur books are amazing how many times I'll compliment it won't be enough!!! and I want to ask uh one thing that do uh wanna be like my friend!? and btw am gurl and am using my brother email I'd lol! so yeah I am on Snapchat cause I deactivated my insta for some time yeah if uh want uh can tell me ur id on Snapchat or send me request on this one is my I'd!!! hope uh reply and take care of urself ...I am seriously attached with uh now lol!

Noshaba Ashraf
22.05.2022, 11:42:28

still no update

22.05.2022, 14:49:31

Noshaba Ashraf, I will update it by tmrw Noshaba ashraf sorry for the delay:)

Obinna Ifechukwu
07.05.2022, 11:52:51

very good novel keep it up

Komal Sadawarte
06.05.2022, 17:20:00

O he say he has wife pritha than what the hell is he married to mahika and to like her also hugging bitch pritha wtf if this author double face

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