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Description of book "Veiled"

Call her ungrateful, but she got bored with the life of luxury and self-centeredness, she wants to explore the life of the one below her with respect to money and power. The life with a handful of money and many to feed, the life in which you always think money can solve everything, the life where problems are small but seem huge, the life with small houses but people are close. The life in which somehow people managed to have time for their love ones, A life in which you grow up playing on streets and snacking from the tuck shops. A life where gatherings are carefree with minimum show off and maximum hospitality. A life in which you can only desire the luxury but still be happy. A life where dreams are big but the facilities are small. A life of tremendous sacrifices, A life of mediocre.

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Nina Daniel
19.09.2020, 00:38:40

Hey beautiful, i’ve given time to your story and wishing you for greater success in it. you’ve got the potential. keep it up. ♥️

20.09.2020, 00:06:34

Nina Daniel, thank you so much, I am glad you liked it.

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