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Publication: 19.05.2022 — 07.06.2022

Description of book "We Are Us"

Gretta Adelson's life changes the day she wakes up in bed with her step-sister's boyfriend. She can't remember how she ended up in his bed, and worse, she has no recollections at all about what happened in the past three days. A family dinner is the last thing she can recall, but it didn't go well since her family invited someone she didn't expect to see alive and healthy, especially after she witnessed the very person dying in the woods earlier that day.

Maddison Clark knows everything because she sees everything, and she's Gretta's only hope. At least, that's what Maddie believes. Giving up is never a choice even if it can raise hell. Because she only does what she needs to do to protect Gretta, the host of their body, including plunging a knife into someone's chest.


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Subiya Samreen
09.06.2022, 22:51:52

As a short story it was Great...
I am Glad that the other Gretta is still living inside her....

W Sparrow
10.06.2022, 16:54:18

Subiya Samreen, Thank you ❤❤❤

09.06.2022, 14:52:40

love it so much

W Sparrow
09.06.2022, 21:37:56

Gonefa, Thank you!

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