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We Fell In Love Twice

Bob Bux

Story about:two lovers separated, two lovers, two lovers unites

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#165 in Inspiration romance
#644 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 11 May 0 pages

Publication: 10.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "We Fell In Love Twice"

An enchanting love story presented in a simplistic & honest way. The plots are real and the anguish are certainly heartfelt. Sometime we can also see a glimpse of Jim and Della moment in this beautiful love story.!

An old format in contemporary romance, with new twist and tales, but when you share your story, you do it with lot of with passion, humility and love. The journey of the two people insanely in love, is beautifully articulated in this Novel. Love sometime can ask for it own share of sacrifice, and when it does the two main protagonists equally rise to the occasion.

The author tries to portray a true and honest feeling of love with a message "TRUE LOVE SURVIVE ALL ODDS"


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