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Book. "When Bound Souls Meet: The Road Trip (ii)" read online

When Bound Souls Meet: The Road Trip (ii)

Ua Belle

Story about:supernatural creatures, lesbian fantasy, eternal mates

Age restriction: 18+

4 36

#224 in Romantic fantasy
#79 in LGBT

On Hold: 10 Jan 85 pages

Publication: 05.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "When Bound Souls Meet: The Road Trip (ii)"

Now free and driving a stolen truck that once belonged to the famed undefeatable and ruthless Khol Msasi who was now dead by the hands of the three women he relentlessly subjugated and pursued. Kito and Rubi, a powerful Alpha and a half hunter-witch, eternal mates for many lifetimes were freer than birds and with their bond and powers growing, their minds already scheming, and with an open road ahead boundless opportunities await them.

A beautiful powerful treasure was now out in the open, one who was mated to the domineering Alpha Kito Sakai who is ready to unleash Rubi's power on all who defy them with no mercy. But for now, Alpha Kito Sakai will simply be a guide, a protector and a mate to her sweet sweet Rubi letting her loose and free into the world beyond her father's clutches.


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