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When Dreams Met Love

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Story about:love, dreams, loving the non believer

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On Hold: 22 Mar 6 pages

Publication: 18.03.2021 — ...

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Description of book "When Dreams Met Love"

"Can you be my girlfriend?" He said, with a pause.
"Are you for real, you were the one who use to not believe in love."

Aditi Singh Rathore, an Indian girl who comes to California to study at Stanford university. All she wants is to be independent, and live her dreams and to have her own identity, and she will do her best to do so.

Nicolas Andrew Blackwell, heir to the Blackwell industries one of the top running companies. Workaholic, loves nothing more than his work, besides his family. And thinks that life is all about how to make more money and always want to be on top, to be the best one .

What will happen when they met? Will it be all fairy tale or will it turn out to be unexpected?


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