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When Gods Dream

Anchor Larkin

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Ongoing: 20 Sep 89 pages

Publication: 03.09.2021 — ...

Description of book "When Gods Dream"

When a god falls asleep, they dream up worlds - universes - full of magic and adventure. Those worlds aren't just figments of imagination either: they're real, and so are the people in them.

Eager to watch the stories that unfold in one another's dreams, but forbidden from directly interfering, gods instead select champions to enter a dream in their stead.

For Tess, nothing could be further from her thoughts. Even if she knew that gods were real, the idea that one would want anything to do with her would have made her laugh. However, when a god pays her a visit, her entire world is turned upside down. Now thrown into a new world with magic, monsters, and character levels, will she survive the dangers around every corner, or will the god's dream prove to be too much for her to handle?


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Generic Mary Sue
16.09.2021, 10:43:27


Anchor Larkin
17.09.2021, 07:29:47

Generic Mary Sue, Thank you!

Anchor Larkin
17.09.2021, 07:29:35

Chapter 11 is out now! Stay tuned until Monday to see the book take us outside the forest as the expedition begins at last. And as always, if you're enjoying what you're reading, feel free to leave a comment or throw the book a like! It's completely free, and it means the world to see people enjoying and engaging with my work. Happy reading!

Shadow Light
09.09.2021, 15:05:32

I like how you depict Tess as an actual human being with weaknesses and personal traits. Unlike many other fantasy books, the female lead is not just another Mary Sue. And your humor is a nice touch too. Keep it up!

Generic Mary Sue
16.09.2021, 10:43:21

Shadow Light, Hey! :D

Ray Davis
15.09.2021, 18:34:29

Awesome! I like Dex. Classical Trickster archetype (in a good sense, lol).

Anchor Larkin
16.09.2021, 00:12:06

Ray Davis, Thanks! Glad you're a fan of Dex! Plan to give him a bit more screen-time in later books as well, so stay tuned!

Shraddha Joshi
14.09.2021, 05:46:14

will it be on booksubscription.....

Shraddha Joshi
14.09.2021, 12:05:57

Anchor Larkin, thank you

Anchor Larkin
13.09.2021, 08:03:59

Now that we're ten chapters in, I'll be slowing down a bit! Chapter 11 will come out on Thursday, and afterwards, I plan to keep to a Monday/Thursday schedule for a while. Hit me up here if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

14.09.2021, 09:26:13

Anchor Larkin, There is plenty of room that I can guarantee :D

09.09.2021, 14:47:20

A decent LitRPG. How often will you update?

09.09.2021, 17:07:13

arthas, Nevermind, just saw the comment below :)

09.09.2021, 09:06:56

thank you author. it's something different atleast. l was fed up of those silly dark romance books full of rape, abuse , violence, etc etc. This story seems interesting. looking forward for updates. xoxo (•‿•)(•‿•)

Anchor Larkin
09.09.2021, 09:10:52

Candy CAROLINE, Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Anchor Larkin
08.09.2021, 23:03:02

Until we get into the meat of the story, I'll be updating it more frequently. Expect to see daily chapter updates for a while at noon EST!

Vanshika Rubab
08.09.2021, 11:18:44

It's something different... I need to read more to understand it. When do you update?

Anchor Larkin
08.09.2021, 23:02:19

Vanshika Rubab, For about two weeks, I'll be trying to publish daily at noon EST. Afterwards, I'll be slowing down and trying to publish weekly. Hope you enjoy what you read!

Lizzy the Lizard
07.09.2021, 13:30:02

That's brilliant! We need more fantasy books on Booknet. GJ author!

Anchor Larkin
07.09.2021, 16:49:28

Lizzy the Lizard, Many thanks! Hope you enjoy the book!

farha farook
06.09.2021, 16:23:24

seems the plot is so interesting.. eager to read the story further. and all the very best for this book :)

Anchor Larkin
06.09.2021, 16:27:32

farha farook, Appreciate it! I'll be posting weekly, and the next chapter comes out in ~3 hours. Hope you enjoy the story!

Anchor Larkin
03.09.2021, 19:00:59

Hey all! I'll be releasing a new chapter every Monday. The book will end up being around ~45 chapters, so I hope you all enjoy!

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