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When Magic Gets Real

Tami Prince

Story about:timetravel, crossover, twinsisters

Age restriction: 18+

14 115

#3666 in Romance
#16 in Anime Fanfiction

Complete 140 pages

Publication: 14.04.2021 — 22.04.2021

Description of book "When Magic Gets Real"

Emma Watson, International superstar, and famous for playing Hermione Granger for half of her life, has just wrapped up filming The Deathly Hallows Part Two. She has always felt a long standing crush on her co star Alan Rickman, but when he died, she was secretly devastated. She goes to the new Harry Potter theme park in Florida, and when she does, she unknowingly opens a doorway to the wizarding world, and all of her knowledge of this world, and her character is put to the ultimate test when she is thrown into her work like never before...


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