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Book. "When Omegas Meet " read online

When Omegas Meet

BB King

Story about:werewolves, destiny, fatedlove

Age restriction: 18+

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#307 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 13 Jun 5 pages

Publication: 13.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "When Omegas Meet "

Trixy made a choice, and it led to her being accepted into a great pack, as an Omega. Axel didn't get a choice. He was taken by the Matriarch Pack to be a slave when he was a young child. He's called an Omega, but isn't actually attached to the pack.
The Alpha King calls for the three strongest Alphas, and three strongest Lunas, who haven't found their mate to come to a special meeting to find the next Alpha King and Queen. Trixy and Axel are each brought as their respective ruler's servant. Their packs meet at the first rendezvous location, but they're kept apart.
Trixy has a lot of secrets, and under the current laws could be severely punished if they're discovered. Axel hasn't felt love since his family was murdered. Finding each other, and accepting their fate is their only hope.


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