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Book. "Who's Afraid of Big Bad" read online

Who's Afraid of Big Bad

Jo Black

Story about:revenge, rejection and betrayal, revelations

12 175

#2440 in Romance
#53 in Humor

On Hold: 14 Oct 7 pages

Publication: 20.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Who's Afraid of Big Bad"

After a childhood accident leaves her ostracized Aria is more than happy to move away. But the new town is strange. Her parents disappear and she and her siblings end up as fugitives. While being kept hidden by witches whose intentions are unknown she is given the task of defeating an old evil and saving the world.

Few weeks till turning 18 Sam's greatest fear is closer than he'd hoped with the early arrival of his mate. A mate who's presence will bring to light a decade old secret, the fact that the Alpha's 'son' is in fact a daughter.

When a Witch gives birth to twins. One absorbs all the power while the other is a Norm. Norms can't use magic they can't be affected by magic either, in battle they're treated as shields. But Ivy is special she can use magic, a small portion alone.


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