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Ongoing: 25 Feb 34 pages

Publication: 21.02.2021 — ...

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Just like her name she brings blessing to those around her- an ice-princess, proud and full of virtue, mature than her age, an epitome for all Outfit girls
But beneath it all is a simple, soft-hearted and emotional girl
When she fell in love she decided that no matter what she will get the permission to marry from her Capo but it was easier said than done because she chose someone who does not belong among them but despite it she conquered the impossible but life has more in store for her. Is her little innocence capable of facing all the trouble that is thrown her way?
Youngest ruler the 'Ndrangheta's or anyone has ever seen but he is not only the youngest among them, he is also cruelest among the cruelest, he does not need to appear something, he is what he is, GOD OF DEATH

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