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Winter Orchids


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"Blood here, blood there, blood everywhere. I'm loving it more than anyone. And more of them will be seen dead tomorrow."


Min Yoongi is a professional crime investigator in Seoul. It all started with the brutual murder of Jeon Seojun, a high school teacher. The murders continue to happen, and the style of killing is always the same, signifying the outbreak of a serial killer.

And now he has to partner with police officers Kim Taehyung and Kim Seokjin in putting a stop to string of serial killings, and also to find the one doing this all.

Little did they know they are dealing with a very dangerous, highly intelligent and extremely clever psychopath.

Mystery+Thriller+ Romance

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Gracie Ella leonard 12.07.2020, 15:21:20

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ARMY right hereeeeeeee..........

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