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Publication: 12.04.2021 — 01.05.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Zonax Oracle: Faith or Fate"

In Zonax, the ruler wanted to get a hold of pure virgin souls that only humans have, but they became rare and hard to find. He sent out Limdi Panah who came from a family famously known for being the Family of One. What she didn't understand is why did they have this curse?

She accepted the quest on finding the pure soul in new millenia.

In Earth, her fate got tangled with a human, Traiser Lustrado. From there, they ended up together and finding their escape to the deities' land. Everything gets hard when Limdi finds out that Traiser has the pure soul, but she has started to fall in love with him.

Pair of lone sad hearts meet at unexpected time. Will they follow their unfortunate fate or their faith of their blooming love?

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