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The Portal

PJ Lowry

David Jones thought he was normal until he discovered that his family has been keeping a secret from him his entire life. He learned that his father's side of the family can and has been doing something that no one else can: travel through time.... more info

Story about: time travel, family, justice

Complete 152 pages
2810 63 4

Rating: 1

#86 in Science fiction
#370 in Thrillers & Suspense
#69 in Action thriller


Devata of the Silver Lance Book 1: Wanderer

AC Coldphoenix

A warrior who lost his memory of his past and living far away from his world. Now, a priestess in need of saving will summon the most powerful hero. A man who must discover his past to discover his true self and the power that was locked inside of him. A woman who must forget her past in order to ac... more info

Story about: fantasy gods, action and adventure, martial arts

Ongoing: 30 Nov 127 pages
2259 70 27

Rating: 9

#102 in Fantasy
#7 in Epic fantasy
#6 in Action fantasy


Love is Blind

Vijay Kerji

Niranjan, a software engineer from India goes to the USA to work for his client, General Electric. His Niranjan, a Software Engineer goes, to America on an assignment, and meets an American girl, Jennifer. They fall in love with each other and travel to different tourist places across the east coast... more info

Story about: love story, romance

Ongoing: 30 Nov 31 pages
151 19 0

Rating: 3

#2855 in Romance
#430 in Contemporary Romance



Joanna Esther

I'm not good at this stuff so yeah. Read to find out.... more info

Story about: adventure, friendship, discovery

Ongoing: 11 Oct 13 pages
103 10 0

Rating: 1

#350 in Fantasy
#174 in Others
#58 in Humor



Alex Scrivenor

After ending his mission on England, Ryan most leave the UK to go to a third-world country called Mexico, where he'll meet Lucy Fortnight, a girl whose love for answers will cost her more than she thinks. Both of them unravel the mysteries behind a mafia underneath the city of Morelia, the awakened ... more info

Story about: love, guardians, secrets and lies

Complete 409 pages
5591 179 33

Rating: 3

#69 in Thrillers & Suspense
#31 in Suspense
#716 in Romance
#103 in Romantic suspense


By The Book

Booknet Authors

Through our writer's club on Facebook - Booknet Authors we offer exclusively to our members of The Writers Club a chance to have their short stories and poems to be reviewed by their fellow peers. If this is something you would like to see happen to your book, come to Facebook and make a request to ... more info

Story about: book reviews, booknet authors, short story and poetry

Ongoing: 12 Oct 56 pages
787 13 4

Rating: 9

#346 in Others
#212 in Short stories


Flysticks: Hustling Hearts

Michael A. Romain

 Wands are illegal, but only allowed in a cuttroat broomracing festival were we follow Gary, who carries a purpose more precious than glory.... more info

Story about: a broomracing festival

Complete 16 pages
52 5 0

Rating: 0

#3002 in Romance
#669 in Fantasy
#136 in Dark fantasy



Alex Scrivenor

I used to believe that the world was worth saving, that magic could only be good, and that whatever came my way, no matter what, I'd be able to save it. Can you believe that shit?! Turns out, I'm only able to see everyone die ('less I kill them), and also, but not less important, hurt every single ... more info

Story about: betrayal, demons, depression

Complete 658 pages
1489 90 11

Rating: 3

#50 in Mystery
#24 in Supernaturals
#73 in Fantasy
#13 in Dark fantasy


Torn Knees

Dablue Kiddie We Good Bro

Torn Knees is not just a poem, but also an inspirational piece of art. ... more info

Story about: pain and sorrow, pain of love, hope

Ongoing: 22 Oct 1 pages
35 1 0

Rating: 0

#109 in Others
#30 in Poetry
#132 in Thrillers & Suspense
#52 in Suspense


Graduation Day with Poetry Flare


Narrator Open: This is a Happy and Special Day! It is once again my pleasure as well to share these writings with you that we hope will stay with you forever. And we do mean forever! By the end of this book, it is the goal to keep the bright light of learning burning evermore brighter. If you allow... more info

Story about: poetry, humor, school and friendships

Ongoing: 30 Nov 6 pages
91 2 0

Rating: 0

#32 in Others
#5 in Non-fiction


Run To The Bottom

Ell Torres

Jihoon Kim is the son of a billionaire and he is the heir of the family. He run away from his home because he does not want to marry a random woman. He wants to be free from the paper works and he decided to work different part time jobs until he meet a girl who fights with him for not giving her th... more info

Ongoing: 06 Oct 0 pages
0 3 0

Rating: 0

#1798 in Romance
#984 in Billionaires


Cover - Up Order

K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
1696 74 8

Rating: 8

#419 in Mystery
#198 in Supernaturals
#411 in Thrillers & Suspense
#92 in Crime fiction


Mysterious crystals


Just before Christmas I discovered five tiny shiny gems in the right thigh pocket of my combats. How they got there is a big mystery and it gave me the inspiration for this story. One morning May is sorting the laundry, she is checking the right thigh pocket of Guardian's combats and makes a rem... more info

Story about: mystery, shortstory

Complete 6 pages
689 22 8

Rating: 1

#1075 in Fantasy
#488 in Mystery
#230 in Supernaturals


Amia's Dream

Fahmida Rahman

With her father's death, Amia Arnold lost everything she had. She struggles to find food & shelter. But a strong-willed girl like her, never gives up. Jamie, a Billionaire businessman's only son, eventually falls in love with her. Will his love help Amia Cherish her father's dream or will it com... more info

Story about: unconditional love, struggle of life, strong female

Ongoing: 20 Nov 18 pages
110 9 2

Rating: 7

#1394 in Romance
#742 in Billionaires


A hunter's diary


From Giving up on you saga Before Hyuk, a.k.a Hunter, found Hongbin and then Leo, he met Anne, a lively girl who appeared to be the victim but hides a big secret behind that innocent face. Now, he has volunteered himself to find the culprits behind Anne's family murder but, what is expecting him ... more info

Story about: romance, drama, detectives

Complete 20 pages
1932 31 2

Rating: 1

#118 in Fanfiction
#515 in Young adult


Seeker's Dawn: The Captain's Curse

allouhnmarco (BM)

A vast ocean and a world with forgotten secrets, all because of that one event, that one night. A mystery. and if not it, it's the key to unlocking the mystery of the age.After hearing alarming news matching that of a recent dream he's been having; Kiniere, a young teenage boy living on the peacefiu... more info

Story about: adventure, betrayal, evil mastermind

Ongoing: 27 Nov 0 pages
3 0 0

Rating: 0

#146 in Fantasy
#97 in Young adult



Jade Wolf

Raegan Turner was an ordinarily human girl - according to the records at least - until she got in an accident - she woke up to find her fantasies come true. The life as she knew it was no more. She should've been running in the opposite direction but the lure of those blue eyes was inexorable. It co... more info

Story about: shifter, dragons, witches and magic

Ongoing: 26 Nov 23 pages
67 9 2

Rating: 4

#114 in Fantasy
#10 in Epic fantasy


August Rain: A Mafia Trilogy Novel

J Tarr

Dragged to a ball where the country's most eligible bachelor is rumoured to be choosing a wife, Elizabeth wanted to be anywhere but here. Knowing her family was banking on being tied to the Dereon's, the country's most powerful family, she decides to put her best foot forward. With no one even know... more info

Story about: suspense and mystery, love betrayal, romantic billonaire wedding

Complete 6 pages
18 1 0

Rating: 0

#961 in Romance
#506 in Billionaires


Billionaire's psychiatrist

AJ Ana

Nilopher, She got very upset after losing her fiancé and job Her senior doctor employs her job in Harden's mension. Other side Alex is very concerned about his younger brothers, he has four younger brothers. Alex's mother and his brother Leo get an accident .In which his mother died and the younger... more info

Story about: romance suspence, billionaire and psychiatrist, brothers and betrayal

Ongoing: 01 Dec 6 pages
14 4 0

Rating: 3

#83 in Thrillers & Suspense
#38 in Suspense
#860 in Romance

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