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20 Days


Aditi is a girl with big dreams. She always used to think about the day when she will free from everything, every emotion, every thought. She doesn't want that anyone caged her emotionally or with any other...

She is pursuing a diploma in architecture assistantship as that is not her dream but she is doing this.

She is a 19-year-old girl with a height of 5'5. Chubby girl with big light brown eyes and thick lips. Her eyes always captivate her surrounding. She is talkative and sometimes rude too .😅😅


Aryan is a man who truly loves his family. His mother and sister are everything to him. He lives in a city area which is far away from his village and he used to go village once a year.

He is a computer science student and he also used to teach students in his free time. Teaching is not his passion or dream but it is a source to help the students of an orphanage. Yes, he loves to go to the orphanage because he lost her angel whom he meet there when he was only 8 years old.

Aryan is a 21-year-old boy with a height of 6 feet. Perfect body, muscular chest, attractive dark brown eyes with a sharp nose and thin lips.  He is the rudest person in the world. For him, nothing is important if he decided something to do.


So, this is a bit intro to this story

May you all. Like this😇.....




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