A Bride For Hire

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Chapter 1

Am I going to die tonight?


As I stand along the sidewalk with a group of other girls it's the only thing that I could think of as I awaited my turn, to be called. "Hey, you girl with the red hair, come here." A man said from inside of his car, I slowly made my way over towards the black mustang. "How much for a blow job?" He questioned "$150." I said leaning up against the window, he nodded his head and motioned for me to get in the car, I climbed in and he drove off. 


The guy drove down a couple of blocks before coming to a stop inside one of the alleyways. "Can I know your name sir?" I asked in a innocent voice "Brandon." He stated obviously ready to just get down to business.


He quickly undid his pants and pulled them down slightly along with his boxers, revealing his hardened member "Get to work, and maybe if you do a good job I might give you more money." He ordered. I rolled my eyes before bending over to his side. I took both of my hands and started moving them up and down before sliding him into my mouth. I continued using one of my hands around him as I sucked on him, gagging a little.


I could feel him applying pressure on my head to make sure I didn't let his member come out of my mouth. I sucked harder making him moan a little and pull on my hair. Gently I rubbed my teeth against him as I sucked harder and faster, eventually he came in my mouth and I pulled away, opening the car door and spitting his cum out of my mouth.


We sat in silence for a few moments and I waited for Brandon to come to his senses. "Wow, its been a minute since I last felt like this, your good at what you do." He said while pulling out his wallet and handing me three bills, I looked at them, $300. "Thank you." I said folding up the money and putting it in my bra "your very welcome, you earned it." He said starting up the car "anywhere you want me to take you?" He asked which surprised me "Um, you can just drop me back off with the others." I said in a low voice "As you wish." He said heading back in that direction. 


The ride back was quick "Thank you." I said getting out the car, but the sound of his voice stopped me "Do you do other work?" He questioned, I nodded, taking a card from my bra and handing it to him, he accepted it and nodded, I closed the door and watched him drive off. 


"Ashton, its time that you take a wife if you want to become the head of our family." I heard as I walked into the heads office "Hello Brandon, how are you today?" He said greeting me. "I'm doing fine sir" I answered quietly. I hated walking in when they were having this conversation, it always brought on a different conversation with Ashton and I. "Yes father, I understand." Ashton answered as he got up from his seat and making his way over to where I was standing.


We walked out of his fathers office along side me "Brandon, I think he means it this time, I'm going to have to get married to take over. I need your help to find someone." He explained. "What do you want me to do?" I asked slightly confused "All I need to do is stayed married for a couple of years, that should be easy right? Offer money to someone and bring them to me. But try and make sure they won't be missed, preferably no family left." He explained. I stood there very confused "are you telling me that you want me to go rent you a wife?"


He walked away from me "call it what you will. Just get it done Brandon." He ordered. Ashton is extremely lucky that he has been my best friend, I can't stand it when people fucking boss me around. I watched as he walked off and into his office, thinking about what I was going to do to fix this problem, maybe I should just find him some whore off the street.


Shrugging it off I went outside and got back into my car, I guess we're not going to go out tonight. I started up my mustang and drove off, might as well head to the city. Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll figure out what to do about Ashton's situation tonight.


I drove for about an hour before I was in a unfamiliar part of New York, seeing as we always had everything that we needed growing up I didn't ever try to really explore these type of areas growing up, sucks that now I'm being forced to do so. I continued to drive until things started to look a little better, that's when I supposed a group of woman standing on a corner.


I watched as multiple of them got in and out of cars, but I noticed one going unnoticed. "Damn, she's really pretty."  I thought to myself, "I wonder if he'll find faking it with a black girl. I mean as long as she's good at fuckin right?" I wondered as I found myself driving up to the spot where she was standing.  I called over to her to get her attention "Hey, you girl with the red hair, come here." I said, she made her way over to me and leaned up against the window "How much for a blow job?" I questioned "$150." She said, I nodded my head. I might as well see if she's at least good at that, it'll save him some trouble. 


Once she got in the car I drove a few blocks away and into a alleyway. When I parked the car I heard her speak "Can I know your name sir?" She asked quietly "Brandon." I said in a rushed tone and undoing my pants and sliding them down along with my boxers revealing my now slightly hardened member.

Shyy J Farnsworth

Edited: 30.03.2020

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