A Chosen Princess.




A princess who born in small town with big dreams. its not easy for her to pass through each milestone because as a princess she needs to be perfect. she learnt a lot from her parents. she never asked for any support, nothing.., its just her struggle. she is a princess but in her way she wanted to be a person to full fill her dream. she knows that the world is cruel. she believes in her. but not everything goes as planned, a beautifully built painfully journey is ahead.


the man who built himself from scratch. he knows the value of life. he knows the pain to reach what he is now. he hates the recommendations. he hates the people who built their career with no efforts.


STORY STARTS...******(VASIYA....(PROV))******

From my childhood I learned one thing for sure..., that is to fight for what we want to be. The world won't accept you as you. I'm a princess of Kundal. But now I'm officially known as a normal person to the world. I don't hate my princess position, It is not where I want to bound to...
I have the exam today. I know it is not easy to get qualified, I tried to get qualified for two times but I miss the chance with 2 marks at first and with 1 mark in the second attempt. This is the last chance I have in my hands to prove myself. My parents love me a lot and they want me to get educated as much I want. But the society in which I live treats my family as their inspiration. They believe a woman works for their family nothing more than that. I don't want to prove wrong but I want to prove myself right. I know with a name tag called Princess, I can change many girls living in my village.

My parents came to my apartment. They miss me a lot and I do miss them. I took a flat in Hyderabad with my saving from the past one year. My parents stay in Hyderabad but, I don't want to stay with them as they treat me like a princess.

"Brother...," I'm waiting in front of my uncle's apartment, waiting for my brother....., I already informed him to get ready by 8:00 am. now its 8:30 am. 

"Let's go...." he came finally.

"Are you serious Manal.....you know how important this exam for me right?" I said. He knows me. He is scared to take a stand for me. I understand him. I never asked him to do something for me.

"So sorry.., Vasi. you know dad right? Don't worry you won't be late....." he said and I put on my helmet. He dropped me on time. 

I completed my exam and came out in one and a half hours. This time I prepared well and I know, I wrote well.

"How did you write?" I smiled at him.

"Okay..., this is something new...."He said. He dropped me back at home. 

My dad and mom talked to me a lot about marriage.  My parents never forced me to do anything but my dad's brother wants me to get married. Why don't they get it? I'm just 23 years old and I do have dreams...

"Listen Vasi....., you're a princess now. you can't act childish....." When did I act childish? I want to question him back but can't. I looked at mom. She nodded as she gets me.

"Shankar, let her do whatever she wants to do..." Mom said.

"Why you people are giving her freedom? However, she gets married. Do that thing before something bad happens..." Uncle said and Dad took him out.

"Mom...," I signed.

"He is just worried...." Mom said.

After 8 days..... I came back to my parents for a few days on vacation as mom insisted. But today is the worst day... I guess.

"Manal.... I need one more day ..... I will get my results today. What should I do? Why your parents are back of me?" Now my uncle got me a match. Groom came to see me....

"Just meet him, you don't need to say okay," Manal said. Mom came in and explained the whole thing. Now I need to meet that guy. Okay, Vasi you have gone through a lot and you can handle this.

I went in front of everyone dressed like a showroom piece. I looked at the guy, he smiled and I smiled awkwardly at him. 
"Why don't you guys talk privately?" Dad said. I looked at him in shock. Without any expression, I took him to top.

"So, you're well educated. Nice." He said. I don't know his name....yet. I smiled at him. 

"And what did you studied?" I asked.

"I did my MBA from Cambridge University..." I nodded at him.

"if you don't mind...., I want to tell you something," I said. He nodded as yes.

"I don't want to get married. I want to work in a defense equipment manufacturing unit. I'm trying to get into DEMU. I know its tough, but I wrote the exam this year. My results will be out today evening. I'm so sorry..." I said. He just listens to me patiently. I don't know how will he react?

"I like your honesty. Don't worry I won't trouble you." I didn't expect this response from him.

We went in and our parents talked a lot. Later, Manal said that the person who came to see me is his friend. He accepted my request and rejected me. I'm so happy about that. But my mom is furious on that guy for rejecting me.....

*****At 5:00 Pm.

"Manalll.....what happened?" the results server is damm busy from the past 30 minutes. Here I'm dying with tension. 

"Vasi...." He called and looked at me with shock. What did that mean? I'm scared to see the result. 

"Now you don't have option Vasi. You need to pack your stuff. You will leave soon...." Tears in my eyes are ready. My uncle said if I don't get job then I should listen to him. I should get married. so that I leave soon.

"Hey puppy....., don't cry..."Mannal said.

"I'm just kidding..." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I'm going to miss you because you need to go to Bangalore right....." A huge smile appeared on my face. I got into DEMU...


Edited: 21.06.2021

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