A Cup Of Hope




To the guy who broke my heart,


It's a typical Monday right now, exactly 9:30 pm. I'm still in the same spot, the similar coffee shop where we met. Holding my favorite pen and journal. Doing my old routine. Composing a piece for my former guy. Well, the truth is? I don't have any idea why I'm writing this letter. 

Maybe, I remember the past. Those chapters of yesterday that was too good to reminisce. Those faded pictures of memories that I intended to keep. I honestly desire to bring back those previous event.

I wonder what you're doing right now. Are you awake or the calmness of night is already dancing in your system?Are you busy or just thinking about something? It's been awhile since I last witness your eyes. I almost forget your name after that incident. I thought you'll be forgotten until this day.

You've been my coffee buddy since then. You're always there to pour some sugar in my bitter mood nor blend the creamy taste of your smile to my unpleasant tears. I honestly miss those moments. Those part that I was the only star in your galaxy. No other celestial bodies, just me. If only I could bring it back. I'll  stay as that kind of girl.

Yet I know everything had change. I'm making my own path while you do the same. I just hope when our feet will cross once again, please don't say a word. Don't utter those phrases of apology. I already forgive you.

Just smile at me. Wave your hand before you pass by because that's all I need to see. Your smile that symbolize that your finally happy and letting you go is the best decision I made.


From the girl behind those words,

Binibining Realidad

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Edited: 11.10.2020

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