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Bad-boy Billionaire’s Property

The mistake

Brrr, brrr, brrr

It was the sound of the alarm clock from somewhere nearby. Though her eyes were still firmly shut, Alexis could tell it was a good day. The room was warm, it hadn’t been this warm in a long time. Perhaps the sun was shining very brightly. This thought made her happy because she could wash her clothes today. Ah yes! It was going to be a good day, she could her the birds singing and the bed felt softer than usual. There’s was a nice fragrance in the air, like freshly squeezed lemons and if she inhaled long enough, she could smell bread being baked.…
Her eyes flew open, she was not in her room! This was not her house! Panicked, she jumped out of the bed and looked around wildly. 
Where the hell was she!

The beautiful white room was decorated with fresh flowers. It looked like someone had just put them there. She looked outside the window but all she could see was a grass field. There must be some mistake! How did she get here?

She checked her body for signs of a struggle or abuse but she was fine. Frantically, she searched her brain for last night’s activities but she was blank. She remembered drinking a carton of orange juice her father gave her because she hadn’t eaten all day. 

”Think, think dummy” she chided herself but she couldn’t remember anything else. 
She opened the door to get some clarity but even the outside of the room confirmed she was in the wrong place. The house was big with many modern furniture and fittings. Alexis had never seen any house this huge and beautiful.  To her, it looked like a castle. 
”If this is a castle, then there must be servants. I need to find someone to tell me what is going on.”

Luckily for her, a woman dressed in a black maids uniform was coming towards her. 
“Hello! Excuse me miss” 

“Good morning madam” the maid greeted 

“Please where is this place? How did I get here?”

“You come here with father  yesterday“ the Chinese woman replied. 
She felt a bit relieved “My father is here? Where is he?”
“Father no here. Father leave you yesterday. You stay here with master.” 

Alexis couldn’t believe her ears. It must be a mistake. Her alcoholic of a father must have another mistake. Again. These days the man was a walking accident zone. Last week, he almost set the house on fire trying to light a cigarette. The week before that, he left all the taps on and almost flooded the house. 

Geoffrey James was once a promising man. He had his whole life ahead of him. A woman who loved him and a little girl but the bottle was his downfall. He loved to drink and slowly began losing everything he had. His job, his car and even his wife divorced him taking their only child with her. But she died 3 years after the divorce and Alexis had to go back to live with James. He was a drunkard but he wasn’t going to leave her here, there must be a misunderstanding. 
“Madam, boss say me call you for breakfast”

”Who? Who’s your boss?”

”Come, I show you” the maid said, pulling her by the hand to another room. 
As they got closer to the dining, her stomach growled, she hadn’t eaten anything since the mystery fruit juice.

Finally there, she eyed the table with hunger in her eyes. She had never seen such a wide spread of food. Bread, cheese, wine, fresh fruit juice, bacon, sausages and so many types of fruit. 
Then she looks at the window. There, his white shirt blending with the white curtains was Ivan White
Her mouth, which was salivating earlier, goes dry. 


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