Stunning eyes

I hate it...
I hate it all
And you were the opposite of hate
I guess I couldn't do nothing about it
The way seeing you sitting there
With a pure smile... With a stunning eyes 
Made me curious 
What was in that book...?
I got one and sat next to you 
I tried to talk, but you were in another land 
After awhile I wanted to know what's really in this book
What's this? What's that? Oh really? 
I couldn't stop reading the book I found my heart landing in another place
Next day, I see you getting a new book so I got the same and sat next to you
I didn't know if I really liked the book or seeing you next to me
Stunning eyes...
That's how I used to call you
The silence between us I called it a language
You were the only one who changed me
Kept me away from the street
Made me who I'm today
Stunning eyes...
Where are you? 
4th of October
That day I waited for you to tell you I'm back to school
That day I waited to see which book are you gonna choose
That day... I waited and waited
5th of October
Where are you?
Probably you found a better place, someone better
What's this? A letter for me? From who?
"Keep reading even after the rose blooms and the sky cries, read till the last heart beat" 
Stunning eyes...
So after all you were listening to me
If I just knew you had a congenital heart defect
I would...
I would just have told you how much I love you
I would just have took you out for a picnic 
I would just have got you some chocolate ice cream 
Cause I knew how much you loved it through your books
Stunning eyes. My stunning eyes


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Edited: 11.06.2019

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